How to Use Lightboxes

    Lightboxes are used to collect and download multiple photos at one time.

    To create a lightbox, go up to the My Lightboxes dialog at the top of the screen and click on the green plus sign.  You have created a lightbox!  You can leave it with its default name, or rename it to something more meaningful to your purpose.

    When you view photos, move your mouse onto the photo to bring up the Options dialog.  Move your mouse up to the word Options and a dialog list will unfurl.  If you want to download that photo immediately, click on the word Download.  But if you want to add that photo to your lightbox to review later, click on Add to Lightbox.

    Once you have added photos to your lightbox, you can review the contents by going back up to My Lightboxes and clicking on the name of the lightbox.  You will see all of the photos displayed as thumbnails on the page.  If you would like to remove a photo from the lightbox, simply move your mouse over the word Options, and choose Remove from Lightbox from the dialog list.

    When you are ready to download all of the photos in your lightbox at one time, go up to the URL line in your browser and add /zip to the end of the URL. This would look something like this:

    Press your Enter key and the zip file will start to download to your computer.

    We recommend that you not make your lightboxes too large (10-15 images is usually a comfortable number) as the zip file can become quite big and slow to download.